Friday, June 8, 2012

A Golden Afternoon

I'm secretly in love with all of the cliché family photographs taken at the beach. Everyone is in a white button down and khaki shorts; they all have big obnoxious smiles on their faces as if being a family there and then is the best thing anyone could be doing. These memories hung on stair cases serve to remind everyone of, what then was, a simpler time, or so they would like to think.
No family here, just me with my take on these photographs. I took the opportunity to wear this white J-Crew dress and spend some time with the boy on our last day in the sun. There was something so irresistible about this vintage hat, I knew it was perfect for the beach!
There is something so serene about 6:45pmThe sun sets slowly, casting golden light in all directions.

Wearing; J-Crew dress, Vintage hat, shoes and necklace of unknown origin.


  1. Ah, so fashionable yet relaxed, the best kind of fashion!