Monday, March 26, 2012

What's on 2nd?

A little bit of everything, honestly. From old school Furbies to vintage clothes and costume jewelry, plastic Santas to LPs, assorted kitchen items to old cameras and film, this place literally has a bit of everything. Feeling the Monday blues, the boy and I decided to take a trip down there and look through the interesting stock of things. One of my friends who has a booth there gave me a great deal on a vintage photograph which is going right up in my room. A slouchy but chic get-up is a perfect way to start the week back from Spring Break. Back to class, back to reality! 

Wearing: Vintage-Thrifted sweater (from What's On 2nd?), Delia*s shirt, Urban Outfitters skirt, Urban Outfitter's heels, Vintage bear-bag, Vintage pearls, ASOS Micky Mouse watch, Thrifted glasses.

One by One and Two by Two

The Birmingham Zoo is really a lovely place. The boy and I had not been in quite a while, so we took the chance of us both having a free day to head into Mountain Brook and go visit some animals! I used the occasion to wear this lovely animal print dress from Delia*s and this cute little necklace from Stitched and Adorned. This Spring I've just been going wild with prints!

Wearing: Delia*s dress, Stitched and Adorned necklace, Thrifted shoes, and Thrifted belt.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

My New Favorite Thing...

This Micky Mouse watch from ASOS is definitely never leaving my wrist. The strap is smooth, the colors are vivid, and above all it's adorable. In a time of huge statement necklaces and other large (usually floral) jewelry, it's nice to have something cute and understated. It's perfect for any casual occasion. 

Wearing: Target tank, Urban Outfitters shorts, Target Jacket, ASOS watch, Thrifted belt, Anthropologie wallet. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Amarillo, Azul, Rojo!

Rojo is a cute little bar/restaurant located off of Highlands. The boy and I had a wonderful dinner with an old friend and caught up over some delicious food. This day has been so great in general, I've been having a great time with friends and getting good vibes off of everyone. I hope the rest of Spring is this laid back, having time to take a break and get ready for the busy Summer to come would sure be nice. Anyway, enjoy! 

Wearing: ModCloth dress, Anthropologie belt, Jason Wu (for Target) Clutch, Thrifted Raincoat, Urban Outfitters shoes.

Welcome to Felines and Fabric!

Hey everyone, I'm Ali Whitt. Spring is here and with it, a chick with a love for cats and a passion for fabric. Here in Birmingham, Alabama- the weather has been feeling quite like summer. It's been in the eighties almost everyday this week, the perfect temperature to enjoy the great outdoors and grab some sunshine. The boy and I visited the Botanical Gardens today, pic-nicked with friends, and had an overall good time. I've been dying to clash these floral prints- paired with some simple white shoes, I can't get enough!

Wearing: ASOS sunglasses, H&M shirt, Kimchi Blue shorts, Steve Madden shoes